Sunday, April 7, 2013

There's a common theme here...

There's a common theme in most of my drinks.

Meaning in some way I'm using the same fruits/veggies/boosts over and over but in different and delicious ways. That's what makes this fun!

Experimenting, not looking for somebody else's recipe to duplicate or measure, and overall just putting in what you feel like putting in is what makes this lifestyle sustainable. My posts are here for you to gain insight from and get inspired to try various mixes...not necessarily for you to copy outright if you don't want (which is fine!).

So as long as you know the nutritional content of your ingredients...go crazy!

Now listen, there will be times when your drinks turn out iffy, but just drink it down and make note for the next time!

Stay tuned for a list of my favorite ingredients...The Nosh List.