Friday, April 26, 2013

The tropical blondie

  1. Banana (1/2)
  2. Oranges (2 mini/seedless)
  3. Fuji apple
  4. Mango
  5. Whole lemon
  6. Uncooked oats
Well not only thank lil baby Jeebus it's fruity Friday, but thank lil him for this delicious drink that should be mass-produced, too!!!

Wow! Talk about refreshing...and pretty both before and after!

So in other news, we had a little mishap in the lab today. I was minding my own business coring a massive apple, trying to keep my 2 little mongrels at bay and the core flew outta the apple, onto the floor.

*Begin slow motion sequence* I dropped everything to grab it before one of the said mongrels pounced on it and wouldn't ya know the apple with the sharp corer that was still stuck in it fell on my foot and busted my poor lil toe wide open.

Of course the corer landed tooth-side down given mega help for mega damage by the massive apple it was attached to. Apple Death Star.

Wtf! I'm sure you know what occurs after that...lots of cursing, lots of hopping, and lots of DNA. Guess I got my cardio in for the day, hmph!

So not only am I nursing this perfect drink but my little toe, too.

Feel sorry for me? Good. Now, go on and make this drink so you can revel in the good part of my morning with me...TLBJIFF.

Part of the thank lil baby Jeebus it's fruity Friday series.