Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The big little green giant

  1. Spinach (at the bottom)
  2. Collard greens (on the top)
  3. Mango
  4. Fuji apple
  5. Cara Cara orange
  6. Uncooked oats
  7. Chia seeds
  8. Water to max line
Ahhh, this one feels good going down the throat. Mine is a little sore, I don't think I'm getting sick...probably just from sleeping with my mouth open and the fan on, lol!

I got a super greens combo going on here and they made for a surprisingly smooth result...thus the feel-good throat soothing. For those who prefer blends that are less sweet, this one's for you.

What may look like a little amount of foliage, packs a big giant punch in terms of health!

Now...If I only had some mint...