Saturday, May 11, 2013

The tri-green-thalon

  1. Collard greens
  2. Spinach
  3. Kale
  4. Red grapes
  5. Fuji apple
  6. Stevia packet
  7. Green tea to max line (brewed & cooled)

Ok, today's lab session didn't start off so great...this is my second drink. I royally jacked up my first concoction. So much so, that I got half of it down my throat without throwing up, then had to pour it down the drain. I won't even tell you what I was crazy enough to put in it (ask in the comments if you really wanna know).

So round two is a little better but I'm still reeling from the first unfortunate round so I think my taste buds have been compromised. I'm gonna drink this one for sure though.

Anyway, today's drink name has a few meanings: the first one is obvious - "tri-green" as there are 3 types of leafy greens in the mix.

Secondly, the play on the word "triathlon" is meant to denote the fact that I consider myself going the extra mile to incorporate what I believe are beginner, intermediate, and advanced greens. Spinach is a beginner green, kale an intermediate, and collards an advanced leafy green.

So to sum it up, this drink may only be for those adventurous enough to try it. Taking to account that no matter how long you blend, there will still be collards plugging your straw and slipping down your throat. An experience, I believe, anyone just starting out may get turned off by.

Cups up.