Saturday, May 4, 2013

Photo Tutorial: Coring apples & pineapples

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to core both apples and pineapples using some useful gadgets. Coring apples is important because the seeds are poisonous to us, containing cyanide. Coring pineapples is essential because the tough fibrous core is nasty and virtually inedible.

Also, why would you wanna pay out the ass for pre-cut pineapple rings at the store when you can push up your sleeves and breakdown your own fruit?!

Let's start's how to core an apple:
The tool I used was purchased from Wal-mart on the cheap (don't remember how much...but it didn't break me).

1. Cut off the top and bottom of the apple (photo not shown).

2. Insert the apple corer around the core and PUSH DOWN until you push the corer out the other end.

3. Twist the corer around and around, essentially scraping the insides of the apple. You've now captured the core inside of the tool.

4. Bring the tool back out and remove the core from it.

5. You might need to pass it back through the apple to get all of the core bits and stubborn seeds. (Hey that's me in the reflection of the handle, haha)

The goal is to have a completely clean tunnel. Now you can cut it up.

Easy peasy!

Next, here's how to core a pineapple:

1. Start by cutting off the top of the fruit. At least an inch to half an inch should be removed to allow for a flat surface.

2. Here's the tool I'm using. I've seen plastic ones but I'm not clear on how they're strong enough to get through this fruit, so I recommend a stainless steel one. It has sharp little teeth at the end that gets pressed into the top of the fruit.

3. Insert the corer into the top of the fruit, making sure it surrounds the core and press down until the blade enters the fruit. It should be able to stand up by itself.

4. Begin twisting the handle to the right until you get all the way down to the bottom of the pineapple. I'd recommend doing this inside a container because as you twist, the juice will start to come out of the top of the fruit.

5. Once at the bottom, you might need a lil elbow grease to pull the whole thing back out of the pineapple. Just wiggle and pull to loosen and set it free.

Look at that!!

The 'carcass' can be used for drinks -- both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Or to serve food in, like maybe a fruit salad or something. Great presentation for sure!

6. Remove the handle by pressing the two spring-loaded buttons at the same time

7. Turn over the whole thing and tap it on the counter (or inside the container) to dislodge the rings and take the tool out.

8. Now you have perfect rings that you can finish cutting into chunks or just leave them whole. I store mine whole in a plastic container in the fridge.

Easy peasy!!

This concludes the tutorial...Have fun! :-)